pinStatistics: Assets/Inventory


 Organizations or departments that reported data to a repository.
 Distinct locations where data were collected.
Variable: Chlorophyll
 Chlorophyll-a concentration (mg L-1).
Variable: Dissolved Oxygen
 Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg L-1).
Variable: Enterococcus
 Enterococcus bacteria (counts).
Variable: Fecal coliform
 Fecal coliform bacteria (counts).
Variable: Nitrogen
 Nitrogen (nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and organic nitrogen) concentration (mg L-1) as N.
Variable: pH
 Measure of the acidity or basicity of a water sample.
Variable: Phosphorus
 Dissolved Total Phosphorus concentration (mg L-1).
Variable: Salinity
 Measure of salt content following UNESCO standards.
Variable: Water temperature
 In situ water temperature measured in degrees Celsius.
Variable: Silicate
 Silicate concentration (uM L-1).
Total observation records


pinDirect Access: Assets/Inventory


The get a list of all the organizations and/or stations, their labels, description and coordinates, use the following call syntax:{organization || stations}



Click on the map below to enlarge the map of H-N stations.

WARNING! Due to the number of stations, this can take a minute to render.



pinData Access: Interactive Call

The following is a form to interactively retrieve data using a form. To retrieve data, simply provide the inputs and click on the [Retrieve Data] button to generate the CSV file.


NOTE: All observations are served by this portal as they become available. Select the data to retrieve (temporal coverage is different for each variable).

dissolved oxygen1922-02-01T04:00:00Z2014-09-25T17:30:00Z
water temperature 1956-12-15T00:00:00Z2014-09-25T17:30:00Z
salinity 1922-02-01T04:00:00Z2014-12-01T23:45:00Z
pH 1958-11-17T30:21:53Z2014-09-25T17:30:00Z
fecal coliform1970-10-08T14:30:00Z2014-02-13T16:01:00Z
phosphorus 1968-11-16T17:19:00Z2014-05-20T17:20:00Z
silicate 1968-11-16T17:19:00Z2013-08-10T90:24:00Z
Ammonia 1969-05-20T22:45:00Z2014-07-10T15:30:00Z
Nitrate 1962-03-21T18:40:00Z2014-07-10T15:30:00Z
Nitrite 1962-12-06T00:00:00Z2014-07-10T15:30:00Z
Nitrite+Nitrate 1969-05-21T21:30:00Z2014-04-29T15:55:00Z
Total Dissolved N 1969-05-21T16:00:00Z2014-02-18T16:03:00Z
All nitrogen records

Spatial Coverage
(The default values provided are the coordinates for a full coverage of the Gulf of Mexico. Use the map to interactively draw a rectangle to re-define the default coordinates or you may enter it manually.)


Temporal Coverage
(The date and time inputs will not be validated when retrieving records.)

  Year (YYYY) Month (Selection) Day (DD) Hour (HH) Minutes (MM) Seconds (SS)

Data Source
NOTE: Only data obtained by the GCOOS data portal can be served.
Select the data source to retrieve:

Data Quality
NOTE: Please be warned that nitrogen, phosphorus, fecal coliform and enterococcus records have yet to be validated. Please select 'All records' when querying these variables. The following are the QA/QC flags used in this portal: 1 - passed; 2 - not validated; 3 - Suspect; 4 - failed.

Passed QC test records All records Failed QC test records

Output Format
NOTE: Only CSV format is supported to date.

Select the output format: and sorted by:

pinWeb Accessible Folder (WAF)

The GCOOS Web Accessible Folder (WAF; is provided as another way to access the GCOOS H-N data. This facility should be used only when it becomes necessary to download the datasets in bulk. GCOOS continually updates their assets and it is important for researchers to always refer to the specific WAF URLs to ensure that the latest and updated records are used. The WAF contains README file that provides, among others, a list of changes to the file (if any).

pinData Access: Direct Call for Observations

The following is the syntax for direct data retrieval from GCOOS repository for the Hypoxia-Nutrients data portal.



{1} westlon,southlat,eastlon,northlat, where:

  • westlon = longitude of western edge of bounding box expressed as a floating point number
  • southlat = latitude of southern edge of bounding box expressed as a floating point number
  • eastlon = longitude of eastern edge of bounding box expressed as a floating point number
  • northlat = latitude of northern edge of bounding box expressed as a floating point number

{2} start date formatted as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

{3} stop date formatted as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

{4} observations to retrieve

  • dissolved_oxygen: for disolved oxygen and concentrations
  • water_temperature: for water temperature data
  • salinity: for salinity measurements
  • ph: measure of acidity or basicity (pH)
  • silicate: measure of silicate content
  • chlorophyll: chlorophyll-a readings
  • phosphorus: for phosphorus readings and maybe in orthophosphate phosphate or other forms
  • enterococcus: count of common commensal organisms in human, enterococcus
  • fecal_coliform: count of fecal coliform bacteria measured
  • nitrogen: All nitrogen observations
  • nitrite: Nitrite observations only
  • nitrate: Nitrate observations only
  • nn: Nitrite+Nitrate observations only
  • dtn: Dissolved Total Nitrogen observations only

{5} data source which may either be:

  • All (All Data Sources in the Region)
  • ALBCH (Alabama Department of Environmental Management)
  • CHNEPCHE (Charlotte Harbor National Estuaries Program (Florida))
  • EPAORD (EPA Office of Research & Development)
  • FLANER (Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (Florida))
  • FLA_WQX (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection/ Northeast District)
  • FLBFA_WQX (FL Dept of Environmental Protection / Bream Fisherman Assoc.)
  • FLBRA (Biological Research Associates (Florida))
  • FLBSG (City of Tampa Bay Study Group (Florida))
  • FLCBA (Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance (Florida))
  • FLCCZM_WQX (Collier County Coastal Zone Management Department (FL))
  • FLCHAR (FDEP Charlotte Harbor Aquatic/Buffer Preserves)
  • FLCMP_WQX (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection/ OCEC)
  • FLCOLL (Collier County Pollution Control (Florida))
  • FLCONS_WQX (The Conservancy of Southwest Florida)
  • FLCPSJ (City of Port St. Joe Wastewater Treatment Plant (Florida))
  • FLDADE_WQX (Dade Environmental Resource Management (Florida))
  • FLDOH_WQX (Division of Environmental Health / Bureau of Water Programs)
  • FLEECO_WQX (Lee County)
  • FLFMRI (Florida Fish & Wildlife C C / Marine Research Institute)
  • FLFTM_WQX (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection / South District)
  • FLGBO1 (National Health and Environmental Effect Research-NHEERL(FL))
  • FLGFWF (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)
  • FLGW_WQX (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection)
  • FLHILL (Hillsborough County Environmental (Florida))
  • FLKEYW (City of Key West (Florida))
  • FLKNMS (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (Florida))
  • FLMANA (Manatee County Environmental Management Dept (Florida))
  • FLNWFD (Northwest Florida Water District)
  • FLPCSW (PROJECT COAST - Southwest Florida Water Management District)
  • FLPDEM (Pinellas County Dept. of Environmental Management (Florida))
  • FLPDEM_WQX (Pinellas County Dept. of Environmental Management)
  • FLPNS_WQX (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection / Northwest District)
  • FLPRMRWS (Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority (FL))
  • FLSARA (Sarasota County Environmental Services (Florida))
  • FLSARA_WQX (Sarasota County Environmental Services)
  • FLSBL (City of Sanibel Natural Resources Department (Florida))
  • FLSCCF (Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (Florida))
  • FLSEAS (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
  • FLSFWM (South Florida Water Management District)
  • FLSUW (Suwannee River Water Management District (Florida))
  • FLSUW_WQX (Suwannee River Water Management District)
  • FLSWFD_WQX (Southwest Florida Water Management District)
  • FLTBW (Tampa Bay Water (Florida))
  • FLTBW_WQX (Tampa Bay Water)
  • FLTPA_WQX (FL Dept. Environmental Protection / Southwest District)
  • FLWQA_WQX (FDEP Watershed Assessment Section (WAS))
  • FLWQSP_WQX (FDEP Water Quality Standards and Special Projects (Florida))
  • FWCLOCAL (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Florida))
  • FWC_WQMP (Florida Keys NMS - Water Quality Monitoring Program)
  • LABCH (Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals)
  • LADEQWPD (LDEQ/Watershed Planning Division)
  • LADEQWPD_WQX (LDEQ/Watershed Planning Division (Louisiana))
  • LUMCON (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium(LUMCON))
  • MMS/NODC (U.S.Mineral Manegement Services/NODC)
  • MMS/TAMU (U.S.Mineral Manegement Services/TAMU)
  • MSBCH (Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality)
  • NARS_WQX (EPA National Aquatic Resources Survey)
  • NERRS (National Estuarine Research Reserve System)
  • NOAA/TAMU (NOAA/Texas A&M University)
  • NPSWRD (National Park Service Water Resources Division)
  • R4ATHENS (EPA Region 4 Athens Lab (Georgia))
  • SEAMAP (Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP))
  • SWFMDDEP (Southwest Florida Water Management District (FLDEP))
  • TAMU (Texas A&M University)
  • TAMUCC (Texas A&M University _ Corpus Christi )
  • TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)
  • TXBCH (Texas General Land Office)
  • TXDSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services)
  • TXGALVESTON (City of Galveston)
  • TXHGAC (Houston-Galveston Area Council)
  • TXNURA (Nueces River Authority)
  • UNKNOWN (Default Code for Unknown Sources)
  • USGS-AL (USGS Alabama Water Science Center)
  • USGS-FL (USGS Florida Water Science Center)
  • USGS-LA (USGS Louisiana Water Science Center)
  • USGS-MS (USGS Mississippi Water Science Center)
  • USGS-TX (United States Geological Survey)
  • UTMSI (University of Texas Marine Science Institute )

{6} desired output format. Only csv is currently supported.

{7} data quality requirements:

passed: all variables checked to be within acceptable range
all: all record regardless of data quality
failed: only data that failed the range check is extracted

{8} ascending sort order:

dates: sort the output by dates;
provider: sort the ouput by data provider, then dates; or
station: sort the output by the name of the station.


To access all valid pH data in the Gulf region for the year 2007 and sorted by dates, the direct command should look like:,19.0,-81.0,31.5&start=2007-01-01T00:00:00Z&stop=2007-12-31T23:59:59Z&obs=ph&source=All&qc=passed&fmt=csv&sortBy=dates